Medications for earth

10 medications we can give the environment post Covid-19 lock downs

-Let us help changing the definition of “Normal”

Nature has started healing with Covid-19 lock downs

We have heard so many news during the break out of the Covid-19, humans went into lock downs and environment bloomed out like the flamingos return to the shores in Mumbai, Dolphins spotted in Kolkata, the water of River Ganga fit for drinking, Dhauladhar mountains visible from Punjab due to lesser air pollution…..

Globally environmentalists have also noticed changes like Venice canal waters getting clearer and one can now see through the fishes in it, global air quality is improving due to a decrease in pollution, the ozone layer is healing itself…..

 Medications for Environment after covid-19
Medications for Environment after Covid-19

Sometimes, I think that Mother nature doesn’t want us humans to get out of these lock downs until we learn to respect her. Since ages, the human race has been creating a nuisance to the nature, until a time when environmental protection grew as a serious concern in almost every country.

Nature has always been kind to us and given us all kinds of benefits, but humans have always misused it. We fail to understand that nature is our home, and it is we only who fail to protect our own homes. But when will we realize this?

Think of the consequences of damaged environment

Think of a day when you literally have to buy the air you breathe!! Imagine prices of air rising as there is a limited stock of air… Imagine prioritizing people who get to live and who will die due to lack of breathing air. Imagine losing your loved ones suffocating on his deathbed, his lungs in need of fresh air. Imagine living in a closed cubicle, with oxygen ventilators and not be able to get out in fresh air due to the radioactive and densely polluted air outside the cubicle. Imagine death out of thirst. That’s exactly where our future is leading us to.

Amidst this Covid-19 lock down, the nature is healing itself in miraculous ways, and hence forth the healing is in our hands

Healing nature is in our hands
Healing nature is in our hands

Now that the Covid-19 lockdowns are easing out step by step, we are longing to get back to the “normal” life. After being locked down for almost 3 months in confined blocks we call as our homes, now we want to get back in the rat race of life.

Let us change the definition of “Normal”, to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our home- the Earth.  Let us not once again betray our mother nature while getting back to the “Normal”.

Let us now unite and understand the new definition of “Normal” by taking these small steps

“We are in this together”

Lets see what we can do to help protect the nature together.

1. Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure: Donate


Most of us have stuff lying around our houses which we no longer use. You could consider donating this stuff. Most organizations are happy to collect your discarded items, and help finding someone in need who could find good use of those items.

2. Turn things into other new things: Reuse and Recycle

There are many organizations who buy trash to segregate it and put it to use further. It is not hard to find trash services that offer recycling services of glass, metal, paper, wood and other items, yet some of us do not segregate this and throw these in the normal dustbins. Instead of tossing out these items in your daily trash can, consider accumulating such items and giving it away to such recycling organizations.

3. Reduce what you greed, consume only what you need: Reduce


Most of us binge shop on items that we don’t even need, and most of the time we wont even use. Try controlling this urge of buying more than you need. Sometimes we buy clothes we never would wear. Sometimes we buy vegetables for the whole week and store in in the fridge, just to realize by the end of the week some of them have gone foul. Reduce buying by using reusable alternatives. Eg: 10 instances you go shopping and get back items packed in 10 different plastic bags, could convert into 1 cloth bag used 10 times and more.

4. Doing your part of the job:Be responsible

Be Responsible towards the Environment
Be Responsible towards the Environment

We have various helpers around us who get paid for getting jobs done like sweeping streets, cleaning rivers, planting trees, trash picking etc. but it is not just their job just because they get paid for it. It is also our job to help them. Acts with minimum efforts could help a great deal. Eg. Holding on to food wrappers for few more minutes until we find a dustbin, not throwing trash in the river instead throwing it in the bin available nearby. Not throwing trash out of the windows while in a vehicle etc.

5. Plant today the seeds of tomorrow: Gardening


Maintaining few indoor plants in your day to day life in offices or at homes isn’t that difficult. We have been taught from our nursey that plants recycle the air we breathe. Planting a few indoor plants like succulents, ferns, palms, bamboo shoots, tulsi etc in your windows, balconies or on the office tables, or corners of the house, at least gives you the satisfaction that you are giving back to nature what you take from it, that the carbon dioxide you individually breathe is being recycled into oxygen for free just by adding a little pinch of responsibility.

6. Best friends are supposed to be forever: Friendship with nature

Be friends with Nature
Be friends with Nature

Ever thought why we are so compassionate and concerned with the wrong doings to the humans? It is because of the compassion and friendship we have with other humans. Through this bond, we feel the pain the grief felt by other similar species. If we create this bond of friendship towards the nature and its species, maybe we reach to a point where we understand the grief and pain it feels, and stop being harmful towards trees, water bodies, and other living species.

7. We make a life by what we give back: Volunteer


It is okay to do jobs which you aren’t paid for. Volunteering is not for money, not for fame, not for any personal gain. It is just to lend a helping hand; it is just the feeling of satisfaction deep inside. And most importantly it is a part of having a set of helping hands for the far and near.  You could try volunteering for clean ups in your community, or volunteer support for the physically needy people, and the satisfaction you gain is immense, and these are the medals you could always wear with pride.

8. Learning is not to keep to yourself; it is to pass it on: Educate

Educate yourself and others
Educate yourself and others

When you learn something, feel good about it, inculcate it in your life, feel the difference, and then pass it on. Educate people the importance of conservation of the nature. When you see people non complying to conservation, calmly educate them with the effects of doing it and help them understand the impacts of it.

9. Be the change that you wish to see in the world: Inspire

Inspire the world
Inspire the world

Human kind has a very influential nature. Whatever one does, the others are influenced by it. Set an example for people to follow. Where ever you go, never stop inspiring people. Be it in small acts like collecting the trash from your fellow train bogie companions in a bag and throw it away in a dustbin instead of them swooping it out of the window every now and then. Everyone would notice this act, and few of them will remember it, and maybe there could be someone upcoming like you, inspired by your act, ready to inspire many more in an unending chain.

10. There are a lot of more wonderful places near you than you ever know: Travel Domestic

Being a fall in the economy of every country, it is essential to support your own country more than any other. Hence, when you travel, you can choose travelling domestically for the time being, which could help the local economy of your country, rather than spending those on improving other’s economy.

To help you decide if you could travel or not yet, please read my blog Is it safe to Travel yet?

Keeping all these points in mind, I hope we all together try to reduce our traces on the environment and help sustaining our planet, as WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!!!

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  1. A very good topic 👌…..we all need to review ourselves first, make the right change in ourselves first and this will make a difference for good overall.

  2. Wow !Wonderfully written Article and very important Information to know which is the need of the hour.
    Thank you and looking forward to more such Amazing informative Articles !

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