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Happy Feet Treavllers

2 Friends, working in the same IT company, running in the dog race of the corporate life that seemed endless, we were united by one passion of travelling. We started travelling around in 2016, with Bhutan being our first trip. We loved our first experience of planning our whole tour with the most minimum budget possible, and living our travel plans then after, so much that we decided to get together along for many more travels in future.  

Since then, whenever we get a chance to escape the perks of our monotonous life, we keep travelling together, sometimes travelling to extreme destinations to face our fears, sometimes leisure travels just to explore and sometimes budget travelling to also fit our passion into our day to day finances. Since 2016, We have travelled to most states of North India, East India and South India, and also though South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Through travelling, we chased our fears, grew our limits, measured our capabilities, and got to know them better with every adventure and every destination.

Here we are, sharing our tips and experiences, for you to have a better experiences and memories. Hoping to connect with you, to guide you through new destinations, help you plan your travels, and to inspire you to step out from your house, from your comfort den, to explore that wild and vast world stretched just outside your window that you’ve always dreamt of, and you would be surprised that how much we have in common with the other fellow travelers of the world.

Hope we are able to bring inspiration, even if its just one picture, or one line from our blogs relating to your life, which made you want to pack your bags and go travel, we would have achieved a lot.

Let us together re-purpose travel in our lives!!!

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